Christopher Leggクリストファー レッグ


アメリカのフロリダ州出身 I lived near Disney World and often had dinner with Mickey Mouse. (If you go, say “hi” to Mickey for me.) ディズニーワールドの近くに住んでいたので、よくミッキーマウスと食事をしました。(彼に会ったらよろしくお伝えください。) Favorite Color: blue Favorite Fruit: apple Favorite Animals: Capybara and Duck Favorite Japanese Food: いちご大福 Favorite Japanese Singer: 宇多田ヒカル Favorite Japanese Actors: 三船敏郎、佐藤健
写真:Christopher Legg


I always encourage two points during lessons: have fun and practicing is more important than studying. Language takes a long time to learn, so it is important to learn in a way you enjoy. If you laugh and enjoy, it ceases to be work and begins to be a hobby. If you like movies, talk about movies in that language. If you like music, listen to music in that language. If you like sports, watch sports in that language, etc. During class, practice (talking and interacting) is more important than studying (reading and writing) because studying can be done anywhere and class is a unique time to use language and be corrected on it.



When I was a student, had you asked me if I thought I would ever become a teacher, I would have laughed. As I grew older, it became more important for me to have a job that helps people. Education is the most important investment a person can make for their future and educating our youths is the most important investment we, as humans, can make for the future of our world. So, teaching seems like a natural job to come into.



I often start new hobbies. I enjoy cooking, kickboxing, cycling, computer programming, and learning new things. I also spend a lot of time watching nature documentaries recently!



I want to be a life-long learner. I sincerely hope that always keep the desire and motivation to learn. I want to be a person that is conscientious of those around me and the environment. I want to be a person that hopefully changes the world for the better.